Get to Know Your Overlooker


with Vanessa Borrell

Date: 12 February 2022
Time: 10:00 – 16:00

Do you have an overlocker that you are not quite sure how to use? Overlockers can be a bit daunting but this course is designed to give you the confidence to use your overlocker and show you what a wonderful piece of kit it really is! The course will include:

  • Threading your machine and the easy way to re-thread!
  • How the tension works and how to adjust it correctly
  • How to adjust your stitch width and length
  • Learning about differential feed and how it affects the fabric
  • How to create a three and four-thread stitch and the appropriate uses of each
  • How to overlock in a circle and the correct way to finish off your overlocking
  • How to do a rolled hem
  • How to use decorative threads

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