May 2014 Newsletter



Here we are and its already the middle of May – I just can’t believe it! If someone had told me last year that I would be so busy (and happy too), I wouldn’t have believed them. Hence the newsletter is slightly late, again, sorry ! Also as a friend said the news keeps changing.

So where to start –  Niki Perrington’s was a lovely day with her “Butterfly Quil”t. Niki put so much preparation into the class and all her students produced lovely quilts. Niki not only brought along samples of each stage, she shared some extra tips too – her colour sense and workmanship was superb.

Gwen Hartley’s “Paint, Patch and Stitch” was a great success and a really inspiring day,( I was able to do this one) the newbie painters realised that they didn’t need to be a Van Gogh or Picasso to achieve wonderful results.Those who hadn’t met Gwen before realised that she is a real inspiration with her talent and ideas. News hot off the press is that Gwen has agreed to do a course on Stitch and Design a great way to develop your skills further. Gwen will also be holding one-off days on Hand Stitching.

Niki Perrington's Butterfly Quilt

Niki Perrington’s Butterfly Quilt

By a student of Gwen Hartley

By a student of Gwen Hartley

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Karen Fanzo will be running a six week dress-making course (well, seven, the first evening is free – to discuss materials, patterns, requirements etc.) starting on 4th September, 7 pm till 9 pm. Karen is an experienced teacher and textile artist. She is also running a couple of workshops – Mixed Media Casket, in late August and Mixed Media Landscapes in September.

I have a new crochet teacher, Barbara Brooks, previous owner of Fiddlesticks. Starting in July she will be teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced in both morning and afternoon classes.

In September, Janet Gibbons will be running a two morning workshop called Gone to Seed. (don’t you just love the title!) This is a mixed media workshop using scrim, paper, tea/coffee etc. Should be great fun!

Gone to Seed

Don’t forget – I often have samples of the up-and-coming workshops, in the shop downstairs, so come along and have a look.

On to Fabric News.

Looking ahead to the end of the year, after a superb summer (hopefully!). I have in stock Makower “Cool Yule Advent Calendar” in blue, and “Christmas Stocking Bunting”. I will, of course, be putting on many lovely Christmas-themed workshops and have a good range of seasonal fabrics arriving later this summer.

Lewis and Irene “Dulce Brasil” range has arrived. Unfortunately they have been overwhelmed with orders (luckily for them, though!) and have sold out of the colourway of “Town and Country” that I ordered, so I am now waiting for the blue colourway to arrive – which should be next week.

I have started advertising the workshops on the East Devon Hub, and you really should have a look as there is such a lot going on in our little corner of Devon – everything from NGS (National Gardens Scheme) to steam tractor runs are being advertised. I recommend you go and have a look.

That’s about it for this month, but I do need to tell you that I have decided to close the shop on the Sundays when there is no workshop running upstairs – so please check the website, or phone. Again, many thanks for making the business such a success, and keeping me so busy!